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In order to be successful in a given market, you need two basic business components: potential customers who will buy your products or services and a proven strategic approach for how you can reach out to them. M27 ABSOLVO can bring you both of these crucial elements, as our mission is to provide support for your company in your intention to grow internationally by providing up-to-date market information and real business opportunities: a complex solution for the challenges you are going to face in the European markets.

What can you expect from working with M27?
  • Access to new clients, qualified leads, business opportunities
  • Long-term market penetration solutions: sales partners, distributor or wholesaler agreements
  • First-hand target market information about potential clients and details about your competitors
  • A significant increase in profitability
  • Coverage of temporary lack of capacity in international sales and marketing: dedicated local sales experts
  • Financing solutions to cover the costs of your international growth
The M27 internationalization solutions include:
  • Lead generation, client or business partner search
  • Support in the sales and negotiation process
  • Preparation of tailor-made internationalization strategies
  • Definition of target markets/countries
  • Analyses of competitors and substitute products
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product or service tests, validation of potential buyers

How do we work?

We believe that the best solution is to involve local experts and consultants who have a wide range of knowledge and personal network in the chosen target market.

Therefore, M27 covers all European markets with a network of local expertise across all industries and business functions enabling us to support your business with tailor-made solutions.

Looking for the first references and clients? Looking for the right strategy?

Contact our colleagues and a network of more than 150 experts will start to work towards your international success!